What Did We Expect?

Thought-provoking piece on why the NSA cyber-spying revelations are really nothing to be surprised about.

The Conflicted Doomer

June 8, 2013 National Security Agency Headquarters: photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The big kerfuffle this week across the nation, of course, has been the discovery of just how far the Empire’s collecting of information on its own citizens through the NSA has gone in the name of fighting terrorism. For those few of you who may have been off in the boonies or living in a cave somewhere in the depths of the Colorado Rockies without access to the news, here are some of the pertinent articles:






For those doomers – liberal and conservative, alike – who have long suspected as much, the news only confirmed our fears. But for most Americans who still buy into the “greatest nation in the world which, therefore, can do no wrong” myths, (including, apparently, some members of our Congress who were supposed to be monitoring all this) it has come as quite a shock.

We don’t…

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